Image Expert Cures Her Fear of Animals: Put to the Test

Thank you Hidi Lee for sharing your breakthrough story on conquering your fear that kept you from doing things you wanted in life. She had an intense fear of animals.

Because of utilizing this method to empowerment, her blocks are completely removed and she can now  do what was once the unthinkable (literally).

Now, I wanted to test to see if this mehtod actually worked... so I took her out into situations she never would have gone into previously... to see MANY dogs!

Watch on as I take her out into these situations she never would have gone into prior:
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Hidi is an image expert and professional lingerie designer. You can find her clothing in Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Nordstrom and other major department stores. She helps woman develop their image to become more powerful and confident.

View her site at: She is mighty talented!


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