How to Get Over Your Ex Within Moments

How to Get Over Someone Within Moments or Days

The following is an outline to what I've done to completely get over an ex after a break up with results that are unheard of... being emotionally free within moments and completely over the person with a day.

For real.

The emotional heartbreak of separating from someone you've adored has, for the history of time, been one of the most difficult experiences for mankind. The thoughts and stories, memories of what was said during and before the breakup was at hand... thinking how things could have been better all the other thoughts the mind conjurers up can send a person into insanity.

Thankfully there are ways to take full control of the situation, reduce, release and remain your full centered self riding negative emotion completely. This is what I've done that has worked on 3 occasions while experiencing heartbreak where in the most emotionally intense breakup I had... I was clear of feeling bad what-so-ever within the day of "cutting the cords!"

This is unheard of and to my surprise, amazingly easy.

It's truly simple and anyone can do it.


1. Remove the Block (EZ)

ANY type of negative feeling is one thing...
  1. There is a block(s) in the energy meridians of your body (this has been known in Asian cultures for thousands of years and repressed by the medical industry since it's conception).
Here is a solution...

Use a Thought Field Therapy technique to blow out the "perturbations" (energy block) from your body.
You see, feeling bad to any situation is a mental program put in place of a belief that, because you are separating from someone that it's a bad thing... when in actuality it is very probable that is it the absolute best thing for you.

If that really makes sense mentally but your feelings do not agree, it is very likely this is simply a subconscious pattern linked with an energy blockage. This is an irrational program and needs to be eliminated. Thankfully these can be corrected with proven techniques that I've experienced first hand, and this opportunity allows us to get rid of this... FOR GOOD!!!

I recommend the book, "Tapping the Healer Within" by Roger Callahan, it is an amazing resource. I found this book in my library.

I will guide you through the process here for free: Free Guided Instant Relief Protocol

2. Take Responsibility

What you have been omitting from your conscious and subconscious thinking, energy you hold within and around your body and the vibration of your DNA are all known factors that are truly why our life experiences are what they are. Particle flow or energy that is created from these sources literally shape physical reality.

This is where you MUST take full responsibility for your situation, whatever it may be. Thus otherwise you will have the consequence of allowing outside influences ruling over how you live.

Remember, when you point the finger at others you have 3 more pointing back at you. Giving others the power of why things are horrible is the first step in the way to you taking charge. YOU created this situation, for better for otherwise... you get to decide.

This is a tough lesson for most of us to grasp, and there are a lot of little caveats to make this work although with continual application it will give you a power that is unmatchable.

When you realize, acknowledge and state that this situation has been caused and created by you, the power of creating what you now want is in your hands... because if you can create an incredible disaster, you can definitely create an amazing relationship that is 50 times better then your previous ones.

This is a heavy concept though very relevant.

What I've done to use these situations to my advantage and create better experiences and relationships is...

3. Feed Your Mind Correctly

This step is super important because you going through an emotional roller coster and the mind is creating all types of scenarios and past programming is in full effect.

Along with your mind feeding you with ideas of jealousness, rejection and solitude (as examples), you are more open to suggestion of new ideas. 

This is a HUGE opportunity to feed your mind with new positive programs that will fuel the rest of your life in new beneficial ways. 

So you must:
  1. Read a book on manifesting, personal power, self-control, etc.
  2. Listen to audio on similar subjects.
My book of choice while going through my last breakup that worked the best for me any many other friends, clients and associates has been "Ask and it is Given" by Jerry and Ester Hicks. 

They also have great audio and videos as well that I highly recommend that when utilized and applied work literal miracles. 

If you are not into the whole concept of your thoughts creating your reality, you may want to start studying science because this is how the Universe works my friends.

4. Get Physical

One of the best ways to get out of your head is to get into your body! Of course there is exercise of all types that will help but I suggest to you this because ANYONE can do the following...

Do this easy technique:
  • Go outside during the day, and take a walk while looking at things far away.
Seriously, there are NUMEROUS reasons why this works amazingly well. Ideally you want to do this for 30-60 minutes.
  1. The Sun shining on to your body (with or without clothes) increases serotonin levels, regulates your sleeping cycles, feeds your body vitamin D and much more. I never wear sunblock, even when I camped out in the desert for 7 days. I just heightened my antioxidant intake, stayed hydrated and didn't get burned at all.
  2. Walking while alternating your arms with your legs stimulates and clears your brain by activating both hemispheres.
  3. Looking at objects far away externalizes your awareness, gets you out of what is happening inside and gets you more involved with the outside world allowing you to see the opportunities, things to be grateful for, beauty, etc. (this is super powerful).
  4. Breathing in fresh air and oxygenating the body stabilizes your immune system, increases your energy and lets go of trapped energy. 
Further tips to help-
  • Force yourself to smile. It's proven that forcing a smile will secrete the same chemicals (like dopamine) in the brain that create the feeling of pleasure.
  • Correct your posture. When we normally feel great our posture is naturally up, straight and light. So it's natural that people crouch down with their heads in their laps when they feel bad. How do you think energy best flows? Fix your posture, you'll feel better for sure.
  • Breath Deeper. Ideally you want to breathe from your stomach so your lungs can fill up completely. Without going into detail just make the objective to feed your body it's #1 needed nutrient... oxygen. The body's natural way of releasing is huffing. Help it along by continuing to breathe deeper!
5. What You Want Isn't Any One Particular Person

You think you want THIS person you are in love with when in fact it is the qualities and feelings that you get is what you TRULY want. Trust me, you may think this person is the only one for you, families of each others have become connected and of the like... it's not what you TRULY want.

Because if it was, it would be working out amazingly well and you would be happy.

Knowing this simple concept will enable you to look past your current situation and be on the lookout for someone more suitable for you.

Still feel off while thinking this? Use the TFT technique listed on #1 Remove the Block right away.

Would you like me to guide you through the process?

In Closing

These techniques really do work and have for me very well during a breakup and many other hard to handle emotional states. I mean it is UNHEARD of to completely be over your EX within the day of getting dumped, but I've done it on multiple occasions, even with family members dying which is a very comparable situation.

There are a few more techniques that I've used that has helped tremendously, although it takes a bit more training to do then just in this blog post. This is the ability to use self-hypnosis and reach a point of subconscious correction, something I highly encourage anyone to learn how to do or listen to qualified guided sessions.

These sessions guide you through the process: [Complementary Copy]

It's very interesting. You guide yourself (or someone else guides you) into a particular trance state and it's as if the area of your mind that has ALL the answers and fixes all of the challenges you've been going through. Such a super powerful tool.

I hope these tips help you feel better and move along to better experiences because they sure have for me and many others! You can feel better fast and move on with your life in the best of ways.

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