Daddy Man Hypnotized Over the Phone: Captured On Radio and Video

In the event of Father's Day I share with you another hypnosis telephone session I conducted on "The Attitude Shift" Radio Show with none other than Mr. Daddy Man himself! If you have the burning interest to hear some or all of the session, 7 parts of the video are below.

On a previous appearance on the show I hypnotized Daddy Man's wife Donna.

In the first part of this show Donna explains her experience of her hypnosis session saying, "... I had one of the best nights of sleep... I slept peaceful and woke up very excited about the day..." Normally no matter how much sleep she gets she has to drag herself out of bed every morning.

Even though we worked on enhancing other qualities about herself, this was one of the natural occurring side-effects that happens in a hypnosis session.

Watch to see what happens with Daddy Man!

The full radio broadcast is below the videos.

The complete radio show broadcast:

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Funny, after the show seeing the video I had no idea he was in his getup!

Thank you Donna, Siobhan and Daddy Man for having me on the show to demonstrate hypnosis to others and for me to help you with your mind set.

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