Program a Belief in Your Mind with 5 Simple Steps

If I could show you 5 steps that would enable you to program a belief of your choice into the deeper workings of your mind so that it would run on auto-pilot within a matter of minutes, would you follow them?

Here is your opportunity to do so.

There are a lot of nuances that go beyond this simple process when it comes to working with and creating a belief that sticks, but this will enable you to utilize a larger scope of your mind and put what some call your "servo-mechanism" to work for you.

Putting my mind to work for me?

Yes, like a servant or how I like to view the mind - like a computer.

This works by simply selecting the program you'd wish to have on your hard drive, submit the program by following a few simple commands and "TA DA" you have a program on your computer that will create success in the endeavor it is designed for.

This is doing things that could only be done by a virtual assistant or LOTS of your time IF at all even possible!

Here is a fool proof, 5 step method that will help you achieve this type of result, enabling you to literally program your mind in minutes:

1.) Select the belief, behavior or goal you want to have. 

This may be done by realizing what you DON'T want to then, turning your back to it to now get clear on what it is that you DO want.

You can be, do and have ANYTHING within reason (which usually means outside of your present reasoning). Allow yourself to dream a bit. Ask yourself, "if I could be better at something I enjoy, what would it be."

Also ask yourself, "if there was something that I could improve with, what would it be?"

List reasons WHY you desire this belief and this reality for yourself. It's simply a few steps away from being realized. If you could submit this belief and you know it wouldn't fail how would it fail how would it feel? Describe it as best as you can.

2.) Put it in an affirmative statement. 

Knowing what you want state it in an affirmative way in present tense such as, "I am patient" not, "I don't want to be frustrated anymore," not, "I'm going to stop focusing on the things that make me mad." Make it positive and in present tense, "I am patient."

Many people miss this key point. Frame what you want in a simple affirmative statement as if you are experiencing it right now.

The process we are going through is one where you are going to have closer communication to the inner workings of your mind. Your subconscious takes what you give it very literally.

Simplicity and clarity is key.

3.) Induce yourself into a receptive state.

This can simply be done by taking a few deep breaths and relaxing your body.

I'll share with you a great tip to doing this. With your eyes closed and talking to yourself inside your mind, just name each major body part with the intention of relaxing starting from your head and ending with your feet.

A specific script isn't needed, just your intention and continued focus on where you are going. You can imagine this as if you are guiding yourself on a journey down the path of your body, always making sure your attention does not drift off down to another path.

This process can be complete when you feel that you have achieved a level of calmness where physically and mentally you feel much more at peace.

4.) Submit the program.

Now that you have led yourself to a place where you are much more open to influencing yourself while having the intention and desire to plant this belief within the deeper workings of your mind, you are ready to install.

With the knowingness that you are programming yourself and enabling your subconscious mind to be open for this shift mentally say the affirmation in incremental steps.

Say my affirmation in incremental steps?

This is a technique that is never talked about and it's a major key why most people that use affirmations do not see any changes in themselves. In fact, if you have an affirmation that your subconscious mind doesn't agree with you are counteracting the belief and actually programming yourself to NOT believe it even more!!  

What I am explaining here is that you will be installing or submitting your new belief in a step by step, believable way. This is in effect talking yourself into believing the program you want installed.

For example, you can state your affirmative statement in the following way, each time progressing a little bit further until it is said in a way that is completely present tense and apart of you. 

We will take the example earlier on having more patience (this can be applied to just about any belief), and can be said in the following order:

"It is possible for people to have more patience."

"I know it is possible for me to experience more patience."

"I can have more patience."

"I can think of times where I did have good patience (actually think of those times."

"Yes, I do have patience."

"I have patience."

"I can be more patient."

"I see myself in the future having more patience."

"Because I am in communication with my subconscious mind and telling myself I am patient, I am patient."

"I am a patient person."

"I am patient."

The point here is that you are leading yourself into this state of the belief you want. Just like you led yourself into a relaxed state of mind step-by-step, you are leading yourself into a place of having the belief you wish to have.

While you are saying the words to yourself, feel the emotions that go with it, see what life is like through your eyes as you experience this. The more you are involved the more your mind will take root to these statements and beliefs.

This is a reason why high desire is key because it will enable you to have more focus with the driving want that you have to make this happen.

Vivid, emotional, clear, literal and simple.

5.) Awaken and know the belief has been planted.

Once you notice yourself get to the end result, the affirmative statement and you feel you have accessed that emotional state of experiencing the belief as if you have it right now, in the moment, know that it has been submitted and the seed of your belief has been planted.

Know that your subconscious mind is now going to work for you as if a group dedicated employees of yours just received the order and they are working in every way they can to make this command happen in a massive way.

Notice the change in your behavior and repeat the process when needed. This should only take a few minutes to perform. The more you practice the better you will get.

I encourage you to work on smaller beliefs first before you work with bigger ones. Small successes build larger successes.

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