The Re-Pictualization Process - A Quick Technique to Bring you BACK Into the NOW

When you are able to get this right, expect a really cool consciousness experience...

Here is a quick thought process to bring you back to the here and now in an incredibly easy and powerful way. 

Here are the steps outlined for you....

The Re-Pictualization Process
  1. Locate and become aware of your scattered thought.
  2. See through that thought's perspective in a 1st person point of view. 
  3. Quickly move through space and time to your physical body.
  4. Move into your body "like a like glove" (Jim Carry voice optional).
You'll notice a new sense of feeling more in this moment, more in your body and have more control of thought in this moment. 

Quick, easy and simple!

What I really love about this technique is how it's helped my meditation practice in staying focused. 

Same can be true if you're focusing on a project and find yourself scattering off to lala land... quickly Re-Pictualize yourself!

There is an other version of this method that picks up scattered thinking from other dimensions as well, so keep a look out for that one.

If you do this process enough you may even figure it out for yourself, which is really where the magic is.


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Did you know:

That when you look to the upper half of your vision while thinking about what about what you are commenting on... access more information from more areas in your brain. Try it.