What is the Meditation for Healing the Globe?

Studies, stories and results repeatedly and undoubtably show when groups of people come together and focus on a single objective, they cause tangible changes in the World.

John Hagelin, PhD reports in his "Power of the Collective"paper after doing his own group experiments he says: (You may know John from movies like "What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?" and "The Secret.")

"Nobody would have ever guessed—I wouldn’t have guessed—the extraordinary degree to which you can reduce social violence through meditation, because it doesn’t take everyone meditating to generate profound effects. A relatively small number of people meditating together has a powerful spillover effect, reducing stress throughout a surrounding area in a measurable way."

He brought together 2,500 people (which ended up growing to 4,000) to meditate on peace for an 8 week period. This caused an astonishing 24% drop in crime by the 8th week!

They collaborated with the local police department, the FBI, and 24 leading, independent criminologists and social scientists from major institutions, including the University of Maryland, the University of Texas, and Temple University, who used highly sophisticated research tools to come up with this data.

Professionals involved were completely convinced of the profound effect meditation has changed numbers drastically.

Go here to read the entire paper ----> The Power of The Collective

A group was also put together during the Lebanon War 
that showed amazing results

On days when the number of participants was high, deaths dropped to 76%. 

In addition... crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of social stress all correlated strongly with changes in group size. (We all need to keep doing our part.)

Furthermore, if those results don't help impress upon the mind of how powerful just our thinking is...

... number of injuries dropped by 68%, the amount of conflict fell by 48% and *Cooperation* among those who did not want war INCREASED by 66%!

The tables can turn in a matter of moments just by coming together and transmitting the correct frequency from brains/hearts/minds and bodies. When hundreds and thousands of us come together it creates an exponential effect.

What do we do next with these findings?

The group that The Invisible Defense Technology that documented the above studies created a scientifically proven approach to group meditations. This describe the action steps to creating the effects they have created and beyond.

The following is instructions is to create an effect to the entire World.

The Action Steps:

1. Get 1000 to 2000 people together for the group intention that are trained. It's still well and ok if you are not trained in a type of meditation and participate... although of course the more adapted at directing your thoughts, the more profound effect you will have in your life and with a group.

2. Quickly expand the group to 8000 trained meditators. This is the number created by the formula of the square root of 1% of the population.

As I write this, the population of the World is estimated at: 7,067,333,454... 1% is: 70,673,334... and the square root of that is: 8,407.

Today the estimated amount of people it would take to create a tipping point is 8,407 people that would create noticeable changes in the World JUST based off of meditating!

How do we gather 2000+ people to create massive change?

Fortunately I've been involved with a group who actually has over 2000 people as registered, regular meditators or "intenders" and their numbers are quickly rising. 

The people that own one of the largest conference call platforms at freeconferencecall.com said this organized group has the largest group conference calls they've ever had. Thankfully they just upgraded to a larger platform where anyone can tune in from anywhere in the world.

Recently we were able to look at the feedback from people that join this free Worldwide teleconference call (that is also streamed like a radio station) happening once a week, and the results are absolutely amazing. People finding money on the street, accelerated healing happening for individuals, relationships improving, increased well-being in people's lives, and on and on. 

If you feel called to check out one of these weekly events, I highly encourage you to do so.

The Intention Call at http://www.intentioncall.com/

The Power of Group Meditation to Bring Peace

On this video, they share some scientific findings on the power of group meditation to promote world peace and the betterment of life for everyone.

Great scientific data is exposed such as, the odds of crime rates dropping 25% are 1 in 2 billion.

Finding data like this gets me excited because we all truly to hold the power of peace, harmony and joy to unfold in our lives and the World as a whole.


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