Group Mind Activation Training

20 Minute Mind Activation Calls

Group Mind Activation Training

20 Minute Mind Activation Calls

Are Vaccines Safe?

Do they cause autism, contain mercury and have major health hazards? We let the experts answer...

The Re-Pictualization Process - A Quick Technique to Bring you BACK Into the NOW

When you are able to get this right, expect a really cool consciousness experience...

Here is a quick thought process to bring you back to the here and now in an incredibly easy and powerful way. 

Here are the steps outlined for you....

The Re-Pictualization Process
  1. Locate and become aware of your scattered thought.
  2. See through that thought's perspective in a 1st person point of view. 
  3. Quickly move through space and time to your physical body.
  4. Move into your body "like a like glove" (Jim Carry voice optional).
You'll notice a new sense of feeling more in this moment, more in your body and have more control of thought in this moment. 

Quick, easy and simple!

What I really love about this technique is how it's helped my meditation practice in staying focused. 

Same can be true if you're focusing on a project and find yourself scattering off to lala land... quickly Re-Pictualize yourself!

There is an other version of this method that picks up scattered thinking from other dimensions as well, so keep a look out for that one.

If you do this process enough you may even figure it out for yourself, which is really where the magic is.

Past Life Regression WEBINAR: Actual Guided Meditation

Seriously, an actual guided experience where someone can actually VIRTUALIZE a lifetime they had previously? It sounds almost mystical.

From the accounts I've seen with my own eyes and 10's of thousands of case studies published, people go back tens, hundreds and even THOUSANDS years into previous lives that we've lived... and there is something shocking I learned...

2 things really:

Number 1: Most of our natural attributes, those things we have a natural knack for or have a high interest in is actually because we may have done work in similar areas many times in previous lives.

And by exploring these ancient memories it's something we call "revivification."

This is when we come across times information is re-accessed and re-lived. This streamlines and download concepts, realizations, memories, visions, deja vu, etc. where more of the senses become engaged, thus expanding our viewpoint to gain very helpful knowledge and wisdom.

Number 2: Many things that may hinder some people, whether it be health conditions that don't seem to make sense or seem almost impossible to heal, re-occurring relationship issues, self sabotage for success, etc...

... could stem from traumatic situations that were never healed, cleared and dealt with completely. 

When this happens, this traumic energy in the soul continues to carry the vibrational equivalent of the type of incident that took place and continues to manifest it in their World... until it is solved and cleared.

Thankfully correctly exploring a past life can enable this to take place. 

For example, many people who have weight problems learn in their past lives they have died of starvation.

So to compensate, this person's soul learned and now computes at an unconscious level: in order to survive they must store and utilize as much food as possible... thus becoming overweight.

Or another example, a person has a fear of water to then have a past life where they have drowned.


Then once these past situations are experienced from this present wiser perspective, incredible healing can take place. 

How Can I Experience a Past Life for Myself?

Surprisingly for a person to be guided into a past life it's as easy as watching a movie on television or better yet, listening to the radio or an MP3.

Except it will be a movie played in your mind that you will never forget helping to give clarity and insight into who you are,at a level that NO movie could even compare.

If you are a person interested to experience this for yourself, I invite you to join us on this upcoming webinar:

We have only limited spots available so make sure to grab your seat now. 

There are 2 significant reasons this event will be extremely beneficial for you:

     1). If you happen to come across a traumatic event we, will clear it using an Emotional Extracting 
          Method that will heal issues from the past in ways you may have never experienced before.

     2). Past talents, abilities and MAJOR life lessons will be re-integrated into your present being at a
          much more profound level using an NLP Modeling Integration Technique.

There is much to shift for you personally... excited!

We hope to see YOU at this next upcoming event:

Also, you'll get some really cool gifts as soon as you register. 

"... it was literally such a transformational experience, for me the clarity, insights and the wisdom that I received was just exactly what I was looking for... it was such a clear vivid experience and I received insights and more clarity on certain blocks and certain areas of my life... so much clarity and I'm really excited about progressing forward with this clarity, with these new insights... greater depth of vision, greater strength... I highly recommend you attend one or multiple of Michael Grady's webinars, he's doing amazing work,  he's very talented and I'm excited to experience more of his work..."
- Jared James Pedersen

Get Access to the REPLAY or Upcoming 
LIVE Past Life Workshops:

After you register, make sure to watch your inbox for the free gifts that come with this experience.

Revealing My Predictions During at a High School Mind Reading Show

Here's a quick video clip where I reveal predictions that I've made for the thoughts that these students were thinking. 

This was taken from the Mind Reading / E.S.P. Presentation bit of the show before I did the full on Comedy Hypnosis Show routine.

The location was at the Firebaugh High School in Los Angeles, California... awesome educational entertainment for high schoolers.

We actually did this show as a fundraiser where the school raised more funds with my comedy hypnosis show / mind reading show then any other endeavor they've tried in the past. 

Great crowd and great students, they loved it!

Mind Science Kept Hidden: Full Documentary | Activating the Law of Attraction

Take a look from scientists that continually prove we are in fact vibrational beings where our thoughts and intentions supersede any current circumstances we experience.

As Albert Eistein said:

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain... 
and as far as they are not certain, they do not refer to reality."

Through multiple experiments: from reading the electrical impulses from a person's cells that are taken 40 miles away from the body, register INSTANTLY to emotional stimulus... to groups of people sending energy to a plant being read by a biophotonic energy machine detects the energy sent... from over 3000 miles away.

Watch and get the download, then...

Share with your peeps:

Hypnosis How To: Top 10 Books From the Top Hypnotists in the World

Play the video and read along... (I give key hypnosis tips with the book reviews)

As being a successful hypnotist for the past 10+ years in areas of hypnotherapy in a clinic setting, hypnosis on the stage in front of hundreds of people, hypnotizing people on major network television shows, teaching hypnosis on the radio, guiding teleconference calls of 3000+ people, having a recording deal producing hypnosis audios and mastering the art of self-hypnosis...

I can share with you a collection of books that will enable you to create real hypnotic results.

To successfully utilize hypnosis, you must be able to create hypnotic phenomenon. These books will teach you how, with yourself and with others.

1. Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman

One of the most regarded books of all time on the subject of hypnosis.

Dave Elman has one of the most effective inductions that is utilized by professional hypnotists all around the World. Personally I've used his methods with foolproof results of getting people to have their eyelids stuck shut with in seconds of the hypnotic process.

2. The How-To Book Of Hypnotism by Tom Silver and Ormond McGill

Best Book on Hypnosis - The How to Book of Hypnotism by Tom Silver and Ormond McGill
This how to book shows you exactly what to do to conduct hypnosis with one person or a group. Excellent content from 2 very experienced hypnotists.

I personally trained with the Author and have used his methods to conduct very powerful sessions, as well as perform jaw dropping inductions for crowds.

3. The Everything Self-Hypnosis Book: Learn to use your mental power to take control of your life (Everything (Self-Help)) by Rene A. Bastarache

Best Book on Hypnosis - The Everything Self-Hypnosis Book by Rene A Bastarache
This author I have trained with as well, he has a very comprehensive approach. Prior to doing hypnosis training with Rene I had limited experience with hypnotizing others.

Using the methods he shares I was able to hypnotize friends and strangers to the deepest degree, create a stage hypnosis show that became my profession and help others with hypnotherapy.

Read this book online for FREE on Google Books.

4. New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Every hypnotist should have a basic understanding of taking control of the "servo mechanism" that we have been gifted with to use to our advantage.

Very practical methods for hypnosis and de-hypnosis. It's a classic.

5. Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis by Geoffrey Ronning

A great guide to performing hypnosis on stage to a group of people. Geoff gives you his group inductions, deepeners and skits.

What I also really like about this book is that it has excerpts from this students that became successful and on their road to getting there.

6. Tom Silver's Advanced 21th Century Hypnosis Training DVD ~ Hypnosis Trainer Tom Silver

This is a course I have taken in person and the resource from where I got my winning group induction that is quick and effective.

The author has been on dozens of national television shows and was the first person to popularize hypnosis in Asia. Real hypnosis.

7. Self-Hypnosis: Its Theory, Technique and Application by Melvin Powers

I let my friend borrow this book and the craziest thing happened...

He read the first few pages, went through the first induction and fell into a trance. While he was in trance, an ex-girlfriend of his that recently passed away pulled him out of his body and on to an O.B.E (out of body) journey. Real methods.

8. Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

If you are searching hypnosis and you do not know who Derren Brown is, open up a new browser window and search him on youtube.

Derren is a genius and his hypnotic effects are completely astonishing.

9. Fun With Hypnosis: The Complete How-To Guide by Svengali

Being able to produce fun, hypnotic effects with people is really one of the biggest keys to success in hypnosis.

If you can stick someone's hand to the wall, you can help them stick to their diet and exercise. If you can make yourself disappear before your subject's eyes, you can do just about anything hypnotically.

10. Mind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want by William Horton Psy D

Although it may seem a bit manipulative, when your intentions are right when dealing with people these techniques allow someone to experience massive change or... extreme control.

Please use these techniques with good intentions.

Extra Tips on Learning Hypnosis:

*In these books you will find techniques on how to hypnotize yourself and others... the most important aspect is figuring out for yourself the best methods that work for you. 

*Experience helps you most and it's fun to practice! Practicing proven methods like from the books above will enable you to get true hypnotic results from people you work with. 

*If you can guide yourself into hypnosis... you can show someone else the way. Just as if you would direct a person in a town they'd never been in, street by street, turn by turn is how the hypnotic process can be induced. This is why I find self-hypnosis to be such an important part to any hypnotist's experience and training.

I know these resources will help as they have for me. When you decide to move forward and pickup one of these books, please leave your experiences in the comment section below!

What are your favorite hypnosis books and how have they helped you achieve hypnosis?

What is the Meditation for Healing the Globe?

Studies, stories and results repeatedly and undoubtably show when groups of people come together and focus on a single objective, they cause tangible changes in the World.

John Hagelin, PhD reports in his "Power of the Collective"paper after doing his own group experiments he says: (You may know John from movies like "What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?" and "The Secret.")

"Nobody would have ever guessed—I wouldn’t have guessed—the extraordinary degree to which you can reduce social violence through meditation, because it doesn’t take everyone meditating to generate profound effects. A relatively small number of people meditating together has a powerful spillover effect, reducing stress throughout a surrounding area in a measurable way."

He brought together 2,500 people (which ended up growing to 4,000) to meditate on peace for an 8 week period. This caused an astonishing 24% drop in crime by the 8th week!

They collaborated with the local police department, the FBI, and 24 leading, independent criminologists and social scientists from major institutions, including the University of Maryland, the University of Texas, and Temple University, who used highly sophisticated research tools to come up with this data.

Professionals involved were completely convinced of the profound effect meditation has changed numbers drastically.

Go here to read the entire paper ----> The Power of The Collective

A group was also put together during the Lebanon War 
that showed amazing results

On days when the number of participants was high, deaths dropped to 76%. 

In addition... crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of social stress all correlated strongly with changes in group size. (We all need to keep doing our part.)

Furthermore, if those results don't help impress upon the mind of how powerful just our thinking is...

... number of injuries dropped by 68%, the amount of conflict fell by 48% and *Cooperation* among those who did not want war INCREASED by 66%!

The tables can turn in a matter of moments just by coming together and transmitting the correct frequency from brains/hearts/minds and bodies. When hundreds and thousands of us come together it creates an exponential effect.

What do we do next with these findings?

The group that The Invisible Defense Technology that documented the above studies created a scientifically proven approach to group meditations. This describe the action steps to creating the effects they have created and beyond.

The following is instructions is to create an effect to the entire World.

The Action Steps:

1. Get 1000 to 2000 people together for the group intention that are trained. It's still well and ok if you are not trained in a type of meditation and participate... although of course the more adapted at directing your thoughts, the more profound effect you will have in your life and with a group.

2. Quickly expand the group to 8000 trained meditators. This is the number created by the formula of the square root of 1% of the population.

As I write this, the population of the World is estimated at: 7,067,333,454... 1% is: 70,673,334... and the square root of that is: 8,407.

Today the estimated amount of people it would take to create a tipping point is 8,407 people that would create noticeable changes in the World JUST based off of meditating!

How do we gather 2000+ people to create massive change?

Fortunately I've been involved with a group who actually has over 2000 people as registered, regular meditators or "intenders" and their numbers are quickly rising. 

The people that own one of the largest conference call platforms at said this organized group has the largest group conference calls they've ever had. Thankfully they just upgraded to a larger platform where anyone can tune in from anywhere in the world.

Recently we were able to look at the feedback from people that join this free Worldwide teleconference call (that is also streamed like a radio station) happening once a week, and the results are absolutely amazing. People finding money on the street, accelerated healing happening for individuals, relationships improving, increased well-being in people's lives, and on and on. 

If you feel called to check out one of these weekly events, I highly encourage you to do so.

The Intention Call at

The Power of Group Meditation to Bring Peace

On this video, they share some scientific findings on the power of group meditation to promote world peace and the betterment of life for everyone.

Great scientific data is exposed such as, the odds of crime rates dropping 25% are 1 in 2 billion.

Finding data like this gets me excited because we all truly to hold the power of peace, harmony and joy to unfold in our lives and the World as a whole.

Get All the Ideas You've Wanted [Procedure Here]

Immediate Download HERE
3 Steps to the Creative Entrainment State: Gives you all the ideas you need.

Need an idea to get you to the next step? All of your answers are within you... ala you need to do is just go get them!

It's so interesting on how you can take only 5 minutes, do this procedure & have your next step, new idea, interesting AH-HA - to lead you forward and put a whole new spin into the momentum of your activity!

It Works Like This

As you know the subconscious, super computer, servo mechanism that exists as close as our immediate awareness and can be utilized with correct methods. This is one you can use now.

Follow these 3 steps now and find out which ideas next are about to be revealed to you.

Step 1.)  Write out all data, direction, intention, information and past ideas (even if you won't use them) down on paper. (You can use the BrainStorm sheet we are sharing, it has great questions that will help the process).

Reasons Why

Data you've written down is greatly delivered and uploaded to your personal, biological computer: The Brain. Your brain will start to calculate, connect, solve and create the solutions you need to get to where you are going.

The subconscious mind is a goal seeking and creating machine. What you feed it will be produced for you. Feed it with writing down what you have to start with and the mind will start the processing (we will speed up the process with the next 2 steps).

Also, just by listing the information you have, you will start to pump the flow of ideas and help unclog any potential blockages. Do it, watch and see...

Step 2.)  Drop yourself into an Instant Deep Trance

Simply said, simply done.

Knowing you are about to get ideas at some point from yourself (as we always do)... take a deep breath in... exhale close your eyes and act as if you are falling into a nap.

Relax, let your breathing rate slow down and just by knowing that you are singly focused on this helping you delivering ideas for you, will allow the process to take place.

Simple as that.

Just bliss out in relaxation.

Option - If you're not in the mood or don't know how to drop into a trance, do something very involved like a chore or exercise. It can serve the same purpose at times (although working with yourself through trance inducing processes are extremely beneficial).

Step 3.)  Have a pen and paper ready, write it all down and start taking action!

Once you are set on your destination and you've fed your mind with what you want, it will be delivered once resistance is low. Keep a pen and pad ready because you're going to get them out of the blue.

Always be ready for them.

Now I've been able to get ideas when ever I need them through practices like this so I give people ideas that have been very suitable for them.

So I created this opportunity for people to get ideas I pull out of MY subconscious for THEM.

Obviously I can only do this for a limited amount of people, so if this link is posted and works, I can help you.

On this I also guide you into a Creative Entrainment State to organize, categorize and come up with the best ideas and scenarios that are put in motion from your "Inner You."


            1. I give you ideas...then,
            2. You are guided you into a stimulated creative state where your
                brilliant subconscious hands over to you the exact idea you need.

I will give you 10 name ideas for your project plus set you into a creative entrainment mind state to get answers you need

Definitely the best advice to get.

I hope this direction helps you on your way to where you are going!

There is always a way, there is always a how...
   When you do first things first,
               Your next will be now.                        

Start now by doing the short writing exercise at Step 1.)