Past Life Regression WEBINAR: Actual Guided Meditation

Seriously, an actual guided experience where someone can actually VIRTUALIZE a lifetime they had previously? It sounds almost mystical.

From the accounts I've seen with my own eyes and 10's of thousands of case studies published, people go back tens, hundreds and even THOUSANDS years into previous lives that we've lived... and there is something shocking I learned...

2 things really:

Number 1: Most of our natural attributes, those things we have a natural knack for or have a high interest in is actually because we may have done work in similar areas many times in previous lives.

And by exploring these ancient memories it's something we call "revivification."

This is when we come across times information is re-accessed and re-lived. This streamlines and download concepts, realizations, memories, visions, deja vu, etc. where more of the senses become engaged, thus expanding our viewpoint to gain very helpful knowledge and wisdom.

Number 2: Many things that may hinder some people, whether it be health conditions that don't seem to make sense or seem almost impossible to heal, re-occurring relationship issues, self sabotage for success, etc...

... could stem from traumatic situations that were never healed, cleared and dealt with completely. 

When this happens, this traumic energy in the soul continues to carry the vibrational equivalent of the type of incident that took place and continues to manifest it in their World... until it is solved and cleared.

Thankfully correctly exploring a past life can enable this to take place. 

For example, many people who have weight problems learn in their past lives they have died of starvation.

So to compensate, this person's soul learned and now computes at an unconscious level: in order to survive they must store and utilize as much food as possible... thus becoming overweight.

Or another example, a person has a fear of water to then have a past life where they have drowned.


Then once these past situations are experienced from this present wiser perspective, incredible healing can take place. 

How Can I Experience a Past Life for Myself?

Surprisingly for a person to be guided into a past life it's as easy as watching a movie on television or better yet, listening to the radio or an MP3.

Except it will be a movie played in your mind that you will never forget helping to give clarity and insight into who you are,at a level that NO movie could even compare.

If you are a person interested to experience this for yourself, I invite you to join us on this upcoming webinar:

We have only limited spots available so make sure to grab your seat now. 

There are 2 significant reasons this event will be extremely beneficial for you:

     1). If you happen to come across a traumatic event we, will clear it using an Emotional Extracting 
          Method that will heal issues from the past in ways you may have never experienced before.

     2). Past talents, abilities and MAJOR life lessons will be re-integrated into your present being at a
          much more profound level using an NLP Modeling Integration Technique.

There is much to shift for you personally... excited!

We hope to see YOU at this next upcoming event:

Also, you'll get some really cool gifts as soon as you register. 

"... it was literally such a transformational experience, for me the clarity, insights and the wisdom that I received was just exactly what I was looking for... it was such a clear vivid experience and I received insights and more clarity on certain blocks and certain areas of my life... so much clarity and I'm really excited about progressing forward with this clarity, with these new insights... greater depth of vision, greater strength... I highly recommend you attend one or multiple of Michael Grady's webinars, he's doing amazing work,  he's very talented and I'm excited to experience more of his work..."
- Jared James Pedersen

Get Access to the REPLAY or Upcoming 
LIVE Past Life Workshops:

After you register, make sure to watch your inbox for the free gifts that come with this experience.


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