Can You Go into Hypnosis While Reading?

Many have asked, some have received the answer, though few have had the experience to test and see what it would be like to go into hypnosis while reading.

This reminds me of a time in the beginning of my exposure to the changing in states of consciousness through self-hypnosis and meditation.

There was a bundle of free books in a warehouse my band had a practice space in and with curiosity I rummaged through them. To my delight I found a few on self-hypnosis, and in that moment, the memory came to me when when I was 12 when I decided I was going to "Master My Mind." I knew this was it, this was a key to that taking place!

At this point I've never see or heard of hypnosis besides the typical over dramatized versions of it that uneducated storywriters and producers in hollywood come up with. That didn't sway me the least being my curiosity on the subject overruled any possible misconceptions I may have had.

So with the 3 books in hand, one of them really resonated with me that I became an apprentice to and seemed to never leave my pocket, the second got lost and the third ended up being given to my friend Gregg that had some interest.

He brought the book (this actual book) home and read the first couple chapters which outlined an introduction into self-hypnosis and had an induction (method of inducing trance) to practice. While he read the induction script he actually went into a trance, had no awareness of the book and had an outer body experience without even having the intention of the experience happening, he was just reading along.

Though this is an extreme case but perhaps you can tell from your own experience how you can be effected by what you are reading on conscious and subconscious levels.

Like if you were to be reading a book or text you are very interested in and the information and story is so fascinating because you're enjoying it immensely. I'm sure you know what this feels like, those really easy to read articles or stories. While reading, you reach a portion that informs you that - on the exhale of your breath is when you can start to feel relaxation set into your body, because physically the natural falling of your shoulders with the exhale can easily be noticed by feeling the weight of your body easily letting this feeling into your body.

By noticing how much your shoulders can fall with each exhale that passes through your awareness, and perhaps with your attention on the breath you can experiment with a slightly larger breath to test and see if you do get these relaxing feelings and see where you would feel them first. Would you start to feel a slight difference or continue to feel the same quality of relaxation that is currently running through your body? The other muscles that know how to share this same feeling that are closely connected to the softening shoulders that are dropping with each breath, like the neck, arms and upper back, would probably enhance the feeling of relief and relaxation on a larger scale if you were to allow and notice those sensations to expand.

It's when you realize your concentration is improving as you connect with this focused state that you find out it is actually you that is allowing yourself to be guided into this change of consciousness. You are letting the breath bring you there, by letting go on the exhales, knowing - these words work as well as you are able to let them... bring you there now.

Some people could read this as unexperienced knowledge or you as the reader, would follow along to allow this process to naturally unfold, to have the experience of letting go, because it's a pure fact that is scientifically proven, even by taking 3 slow, deep inhales of the breath lowers the conscious activity in the brain to activate whole brain learning, decreased stress and heighten a better sense of well being.

See if by taking 3 slow, deep breaths right now slightly changes how you feel as you continue to read along... and one can really notice the weight of the shoulders drop now with the exhale... and even a slight bobbling of the head as it naturally would want to fall forward or back, or side to side... those same heavy feelings would really start to be noticed all throughout the body like the arms and legs giving away. Don't forget about the breath and how slow, deep and rhythmic you can guide it to be, because every exhale just brings you down, slower and lower... letting gravity pull every part of the body down... letting that drowsy feeling to step in... even in your eyelids pulling down... when you imagine it, you can have it... and when you imagine feeling drowsy as if you stayed up till 3 in the morning, staring at the computer screen, with heavy eyes, you would naturally notice those feelings now or in a few moments from thinking of them.

And that moment that you really feel the urge to completely let go, rest and indulge in this feeling fully, you would let those eyes close like heavy curtains on a window, notice the trance you've stepped into and feel the rhythmic pattern of the breath as you descend downward as if you sat in an elevator, taking you all the way to the bottom.... now.

Check your Trance

Has your mood, your level of relaxation shifted since first reading this post? Any major or slight bodily sensations occur?

If so, to any degree that you noticed any changes, it was a level of hypnosis happening through your imagination influencing your thoughts and / or body to a deeper degree then normal waking consciousness. Reading does this naturally as it accesses the imagination in a completely unique way.

It's interesting while reading actual books on hypnosis how the inductions and tips on hypnosis really sink in deeper and in a different way than when hearing audibly or watching on video.


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That when you look to the upper half of your vision while thinking about what about what you are commenting on... access more information from more areas in your brain. Try it.