The Power of Intention

Intention could be stated as the underlying energy behind all that has ever been done. The true motivational aspect, the original reason for the implementation of an act or doing.

It's really where the creation starts and what continues to expand as the process of thinking and doing continues and unfolds. When one really starts to grasp this concept it becomes so evident of it's importance.

Regarding this topic, I love to explore around the subject of intention and how powerful it is when groups of people join together at the same time to set the same intent. This could also be described as group prayer, though I personally would not use the word prayer with the association it has with religion.

A great question to ask when wanting something and going towards it (or "praying" for it) is - What is the intent behind the prayer, action or motion towards what you want?

This can be one of the most insightful questions that really narrows down what we truly want and what we are really going for.

From what I've noticed in creating /manifesting things in my life is to start with the very basis of my ultimate goal. Setting the intent with what is the utmost want.

Jim Carrey talking on the Power of Intention -

Rick Mendius, co-author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom and Meditations to Change Your Brain has an 8 page report downloadable right here:

8 page report on the Power of Intention:

This information is based off of science, how the state of mind effects the brain, effects matter, is measurable and quantifiable.

To be spiritual and meditate isn't so foo-foo as most people and the media view it to be. There is a specific reason why this knowledge isn't so mainstream, a topic I may delve into on a later post. [Link to be inserted here]

There is a site called The Intention Experiment at that seems to be one of the leaders in group intending today.

Also an associate and good friend of mine Emmanuel Bombardier has what he calls "The Intention Call" where a call is held on a weekly scheduled basis with hundreds of people intending the same thing with the vision to make changes on a global level. I highly encourage you to be involved, it has great personal benefits.

And lastly one of my most favorite resources to read, listen, watch and learn on the subject of intention and creating is with Jerry and Ester Hicks.

Now, as you move into the next moment, next segment, next phase of the day... what do you intend?


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That when you look to the upper half of your vision while thinking about what about what you are commenting on... access more information from more areas in your brain. Try it.