Revealing My Predictions During at a High School Mind Reading Show

Here's a quick video clip where I reveal predictions that I've made for the thoughts that these students were thinking. 

This was taken from the Mind Reading / E.S.P. Presentation bit of the show before I did the full on Comedy Hypnosis Show routine.

The location was at the Firebaugh High School in Los Angeles, California... awesome educational entertainment for high schoolers.

We actually did this show as a fundraiser where the school raised more funds with my comedy hypnosis show / mind reading show then any other endeavor they've tried in the past. 

Great crowd and great students, they loved it!


Nice work Michael, I hope to see the rest of your hypnosis show too. been a long time since we were just hanging out in the Skype group. I appreciate the mentoring and experiences you had to offer! You gave me a push in the right direction...Thanks!

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