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Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on

This movie shares the story of Dr. Burzynski's method of curing cancer being MUCH more effective then radiation and surgery which in the movie, is proven with clinical evidence, documents and testimonials.

We are then exposed the corruption that exists within the FDA, patent office and the US Government by how they have been trying to shut him down for 15 plus years with no case or complaint from patients all along.

Who wins in the end? Find out as you watch. (I suggest full screen in a comfortable chair ;^)

My Conclusion of the film: (perhaps read this after you have watched)

Good wins over evil, especially when everyone supports the movement and continues to persists.

It is another testament which shows as "they" try to suppress the truth and we continue to do what we know is right, it just causes more awareness to the public which gives these corrupt individuals less power. They are so afraid of the awakening that is happening. 

And if you are reading this right now, you are part of it. This movie is another way of proof that shows the momentum of awakening to our nation.

Dr. Burzynski and this treatment method would not have received so much exposure if it wasn't for all the commotion caused by the law suits and charges pressed upon him. Proof that while in the process it's hard to see, EVERYTHING works to our ultimate advantage provided we do not give up and DO what we know is right.

Now, share this movie while there is only days left to view, or purchase the DVD on the movie's website to support the movement (I have no affiliation with the movie or Dr. Burzynski).

Do your part to pass the word forward and give hope to those in need. 

Dr. Burzynski's method of curing caner is one of hundreds. If you or a loved one is battling this dis-ease here is a few locations that can help the start of your research:

Read Dr. Coldwell's The Only Answer to Cancer. He has one of the highest cure rates in World for terminally ill cancer patients curing over 36,000+ people with a 92% cure rate. Personally, my close friend Emmanuel has followed this book to put the cancer he had into remission.

Read Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About. The author shares with you first hand experience from being a former insider as he sat in at the conference meetings of the medical companies on their plans of increasing profits, propaganda marketing and and more. Kevin give you basic information to get started curing yourself of virtually all dis-eases. 

Visit: Which provides a lot of the healing modalities you probably haven't heard of, most of which are very well known to us that have known about natural remedies. 

Visit Dr. Joseph Mercola has the most popular natural health information site on the web today, I highly encourage you to signup to his email list and support him. 

Visit: Another amazing natural health website that brings breaking news, videos and studies, I would encourage you to signup and to that website as well. I've been a reader for years.

With my intention to help you get the best information you can, I hope this helps you in a massive way. Continue to inform yourself and SPREAD THE WORD!!


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