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3 Steps to the Creative Entrainment State: Gives you all the ideas you need.

Need an idea to get you to the next step? All of your answers are within you... ala you need to do is just go get them!

It's so interesting on how you can take only 5 minutes, do this procedure & have your next step, new idea, interesting AH-HA - to lead you forward and put a whole new spin into the momentum of your activity!

It Works Like This

As you know the subconscious, super computer, servo mechanism that exists as close as our immediate awareness and can be utilized with correct methods. This is one you can use now.

Follow these 3 steps now and find out which ideas next are about to be revealed to you.

Step 1.)  Write out all data, direction, intention, information and past ideas (even if you won't use them) down on paper. (You can use the BrainStorm sheet we are sharing, it has great questions that will help the process).

Reasons Why

Data you've written down is greatly delivered and uploaded to your personal, biological computer: The Brain. Your brain will start to calculate, connect, solve and create the solutions you need to get to where you are going.

The subconscious mind is a goal seeking and creating machine. What you feed it will be produced for you. Feed it with writing down what you have to start with and the mind will start the processing (we will speed up the process with the next 2 steps).

Also, just by listing the information you have, you will start to pump the flow of ideas and help unclog any potential blockages. Do it, watch and see...

Step 2.)  Drop yourself into an Instant Deep Trance

Simply said, simply done.

Knowing you are about to get ideas at some point from yourself (as we always do)... take a deep breath in... exhale close your eyes and act as if you are falling into a nap.

Relax, let your breathing rate slow down and just by knowing that you are singly focused on this helping you delivering ideas for you, will allow the process to take place.

Simple as that.

Just bliss out in relaxation.

Option - If you're not in the mood or don't know how to drop into a trance, do something very involved like a chore or exercise. It can serve the same purpose at times (although working with yourself through trance inducing processes are extremely beneficial).

Step 3.)  Have a pen and paper ready, write it all down and start taking action!

Once you are set on your destination and you've fed your mind with what you want, it will be delivered once resistance is low. Keep a pen and pad ready because you're going to get them out of the blue.

Always be ready for them.

Now I've been able to get ideas when ever I need them through practices like this so I give people ideas that have been very suitable for them.

So I created this opportunity for people to get ideas I pull out of MY subconscious for THEM.

Obviously I can only do this for a limited amount of people, so if this link is posted and works, I can help you.

On this I also guide you into a Creative Entrainment State to organize, categorize and come up with the best ideas and scenarios that are put in motion from your "Inner You."


            1. I give you ideas...then,
            2. You are guided you into a stimulated creative state where your
                brilliant subconscious hands over to you the exact idea you need.

I will give you 10 name ideas for your project plus set you into a creative entrainment mind state to get answers you need

Definitely the best advice to get.

I hope this direction helps you on your way to where you are going!

There is always a way, there is always a how...
   When you do first things first,
               Your next will be now.                        

Start now by doing the short writing exercise at Step 1.)


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That when you look to the upper half of your vision while thinking about what about what you are commenting on... access more information from more areas in your brain. Try it.