How to Develop Confidence - My Favorite Technique

7 Step Process

Having confidence and being in your power is an amazing place to be that most of us do not experience on a regular basis.

Now for starters, I did not grow up as a confident person. In fact I had very high social anxiety until I started to take control of my mental and emotional space.

So how did I get to the point where I am able to speak in front of hundreds of people and interact with anyone with ease and confidence? Well a few things, but THIS technique I want to share is my favorite, it's quick and works very well.

I've used it before going on stage, before entering a meeting or just before going outside to interact with the public. It's simple, easy and interactive with your body!

Here are the Steps to Instant Confidence (full process):

Before you begin:

Plan to focus yourself by shutting off anything (chat applications and sites, phones, pets out of the room, etc.) other than what it takes to experience this amazing process. The more you commit to the amount of attention you give to yourself, the more these great results will surprise you.

1.) While standing with about 4 feet (a little more then a meter) of open space in front of you:
          Imagine a circle on the floor about 2 feet (1/2 a meter) wide.

Now, what qualities of confidence would you like to experience? List them.

For example:

Feeling comfortable in your body, being knowledgeable in your field, interactive and engaging with people, in your power, decisive, being a leader, great posture, amazing positive self-talk, etc.

2.) Take a deep breath in, and exhale closing your eyes (a relaxed mind is able to imagine more clearly and is able to send more information to the subconscious).

Visualize, picture, imagine as you list these qualities you are actually placing them in the circle - giving that circle power and energy. Some people just see the words and phrases, others see what it's like to experience those states of mind, some see an energy going into the circle. Which ever you use works perfectly fine.

Notice (the first impression is the right one) what color or colors is the circle is now after placing those qualities in it? (Take a few moments to notice and feel) How does the energy move? (Really get a sense for it) What does it sound like? (If it did have a sound, what would it be?)

The purpose for all of these imaginative qualities is to fill your consciousness more and more with the feelings that are about to encompass your entire being.

See, feel and/or hear these qualities grow stronger and more enhanced in your circle. Imagine it growing to a comfortable level. Some people like to have it amazing

3.) Think of a time in your life when you experienced these qualities. If you cannot or do not have an experience of confidence you can simply get a clear moving picture of what you think it will be like in the future as you use these qualities you are now creating in yourself.

Once you can start to feel this in your mental moving picture, get ready to step into it knowing - all of this energy will be rushing up and through your entire body.

4.) Step into the circle, allow the feelings to fill you and squeeze your fists (this is creating an anchor for the feelings to be re-accessed). Re-list the qualities you've put inside feeling what it's like to have them right now.

Remember: as you are changing your emotional state, all of your body is shifting at a cellular level... your body is changing to operate as this person you are creating yourself to be.

Once you have fully accessed these feelings and method of operating, step back out of the circle, relax your fists and take a breath.

5.) Step back in the circle, squeeze your fists and allow the same flow of energy to fill your being once again and growing at an increasing rate.

See yourself in future situations with these qualities, taking charge and being this confident person you are becoming. Notice your posture, how you walk, how you talk, what thoughts move through your mind as this confident person, etc.

You've stepped into the day in the life of you in a confident manor, how does it feel? How will things be different now?

Step back out again, relax your fists and take a deep breath.

6.) Repeat this process of stepping back into the circle, squeezing your fists to strengthen the anchor and call upon the confident feelings you are creating within yourself.

Specifically, how are things different now? Set the intention that anytime you squeeze your fists with the intention to feel more confident for whatever it may be you will feel these same feelings and continue to make them expand and grow.

Once you feel this process is complete, step back out of the circle, relax your fists and take a nice deep breath.

7.) Now being out of the circle you can test the anchor you've created by going somewhere else and squeezing your fists with the intention to be this confident behavior you have created and see how you did!

If you'd like to have this experience guided for you, it will help induce a more profound trance and give you in depth C.B.I. - Confidence Behavioral Integration.

My Favorite Confidence Creation Technique


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