New Creation: Music That Positively Programs the Subconscious Mind

Positive Programming Music
Is it so? Music that can subconsciously program your mind with positive affirmations? Yes.

Think about it... How often do you have a song that sticks into your head and plays over and over and over and OVER again repeating the lyrics and melody?

For most this answer is just about everyday. Unfortunately you've probably have / had a songs in your head that can actually be detrimental to your beliefs. I could name a few right now but I don't want to be influencing you in anyway less then positively.

Imagine actually having songs that have nothing but SUPER positive messages, affirmations and popular quotes in your music...

Something you may have thought of before perhaps? Well now it is here. 

This is a project I've always wanted to work on, combining the aspects of hypnosis / self-improvement / subconscious reprogramming WITH high vibrational music...

... and to top it off, we've also embedded subliminal programming into the tracks to drive the concepts DEEP into your being at record speed. 

Watch the short sample clip:

A complete list of all the subliminal programming is on the website where this track can be located. 

Utilize this tool to help you live a more positive, powerful life in one of the easiest ways possible. Truly amazing.

Go to:

The quotes and affirmations of the song were inspired from the "Positive Inspirational Quotes" facebook page where there is (currently as this is being written) over 439,000 "likes" on the page and growing by 100's and even 1000's of people per day. 

When creating this entire track (which is just over 5 minutes long) I used some of the most popular quotes on the page such as this one that you hear in the sample clip above: 

I encourage you to go to their page and "like" it! Go ahead, saturate your facebook feed with positivity!


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