Take Your Worst Situation and Make it the Most Amazing

In this segment I would like to expand on the growth I have experienced while going through a "traumatizing" situation in my childhood. How I've taken what would have been the "worst" thing that has happened in my life and how I have created this to be one of the greatest assets that has ever come into my experience.

Without going too far into depth into the trenches of pain of the past in consideration for you, the reader, the observer, the creator and soul with valuable time, I compact this life lesson into an itty bitty blog post for your imagination to unfold and value to be created unto your experience on my behalf. What a treat!

The intriguing thing I find about situations of people going through periods of abuse is that the outcome can really go any way. The person can become empowered, they can be just fine or it can ruin their entire life experience and haunt them with fears, anxiety and a series of negative relationships that seem to never stop unfolding.

What ever happens "to" us has a very high chance on effecting the preceding future events in one's life in various ways. I think most can agree with this. Though what most seem to not understand or grasp (I know those small percentage of you know what I'm saying though it's always great to read / hear the reminder) is that we have the ability to choose if we want a situation to effect us negatively or use it to our advantage and allow it to create something positive... even if we do not know how. And I can use my personal experience as an example...

From age 4 to 14 I was physically abused. I can't remember a different time in my life when I've experienced so much hurt, fear and confusion. Not to say my entire childhood was terrible but my father had the best intentions... even though it surely was a difficult time. And I know lots can relate.

Like I described in my "Who is Michael Grady" page, I reached a point where I knew I had to "Master My Mind." The inner knowingness to take charge and control of my thoughts and emotions surfaced onto my horizon, which then the seed of desire was planted to become manifest at the best time. Of course yes, I had the anger and the sadness that I projected onto him and the situation, though for some reason... I was able to take responsibility for how I was feeling regardless, feeling MY feelings.

It was because of reaching this state of negative emotion that allowed me to embark on a search for answers, relief and a higher standard in living. And as I type this here today, I am extremely thankful for what I have gone through that has made me into the person I am today. If it was not for the abuse that taken place early in my life, I would have never looked into and studied self hypnosis, meditation and other modalities with such desire and dedication for results.

And I realize I could have gone the other way... I could have let the situation effect me and be a victim to it. I could have let this be the excuse as to why I was socially awkward and afraid and this and that, point the finger and blame. I could have let the pent up anger continue to be expressed in relationships or hate towards people and other situations.

There's a million different scenarios that we see people around us go through from situations like these where there is a huge lack of responsibility in what to do with the situations that were /are presented to them.

It's ultimately up to the person, where they choose to go to from where they are at. It's up to the person to decide to look up and go in that direction. It's up to that person to push on with the faith that there is a way, even when they don't know how.

Through my past negative experiences I've been fortunate to follow the desires that have sprung forth to better myself with a heightened teachability index and to learn effective techniques for myself. And with the followthrough of this led me to lead others in that direction as well, and how liberating and satisfying this is, is unexplainable in words.

Faith - The ability to believe without seeing. 

If it wasn't for the abuse to happen in my life I have not a clue where I would be today and doubt I would be on the path I am on that has lead me to amazing experiences and great successes in life that have been immensely satisfying. In fact, I am incredibly thankful and blessed for "negative" things to happen and say that with complete and full belief with a smile and a warm heart.

My intent is to provide hope to those of you that need to hear a story like this and there are many more out there from us fellow human beings. I take this lesson and apply it to even the small "negative" (I quote these words throughout this post because they are merely a perception) circumstances that come about holding the faith that an ultimate good will come about from it, and it does time and time again.

Holding a perception like this allows life to be magical and hopeful looking through the eyes of, "Wow, I wonder what good will come from this situation?!" no matter the cause. Then, later seeing 'the how' unfold. Most get frantic when they can't figure out 'the how,' but that is where the lost in faith stems.

You need not know how... the only thing you need is the desire and the allowing of the unfoldment of it, the rest will follow as your well being flows through you and you hold the faith that yes, your thoughts are so powerful that they create every circumstance that you have ever experienced... and you now grab ahold of the reigns that steer your life and direct it in the way you wish for it to flow.


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