Is Praying Realistic?

Being brought up with the catholic church opened me up to the idea of intending a force (thought / feelings) to effect something or things outside of myself (God).

It's an amazing concept, though to someone without a base of faith seems a bit outrageous... and righteously so. I mean really, in this physical world, how can one "pray" to some invisible force and really expect "miracles" to come about?!

Allow me to use this opportunity to present a couple thoughts to consider regarding a human's ability to transmit thoughts and feelings that result into effecting the physical reality directly.

1st Consideration - Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein both agreed the human brain is a transmitter and receiver of energy (light particles vibrating at a frequency) ... like a radio, or a T.V. or a satellite, or a cell phone or computer.

If anyone were to suggest a concept like this, it's more then convenient that a couple of the most brilliant people that ever lived agreed this to be fact. So with this in play with our reality, we are able to create and project energy to things.

2nd Consideration -The Law of Attraction, like frequencies attract like frequencies.

Think about it, when you think a thought a like thought is brought up to follow it for as long as you give attention to an idea, concept, feeling, situation, etc. For instance perhaps you don't agree with this point of view, you will then continue to attract like thoughts of that belief as to why it is true.

Next time you are around a group of people notice where the conversation starts and where it goes. If you are fortunate to be around a group of positive minded people you'll probably notice how one person will say how great something is going or a dream they are striving for and the conversation builds to the point of excitement where there is all types of possibilities and what can be made and the good things that can come about.

And on the other hand notice when a group of people that talk the drama, and how bad things are, how things don't or won't work, how this relationship when bad and this sport team sucks, blah, blah, blah....

Like thoughts attract more like thoughts, it's pretty evident when you really step back and notice. It's possible to have an AH-HA moment with this concept.

Here is my pal Gregg Braden talking about some amazing studies with energy and prayer:

Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles, The Divine Matrix and Quantum Physics Part 2


great stuff here! if you havent seen the movie quantum communication i highly recommend it! gregg braden is the man!

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